So i had my ear scalpelled from 0mm up to 12mm. I decided on this option because i had three existing piercings none of which would stretch and be symmetrical with my other ear. The procedure itself was not overly painful. The hardest part was probably sitting still long enough to have it measured and lined up to match my other ear (my piercer is a perfectionist) The actual incision was just short of 12mm, it was a strange sort of pain and nothing scary. Then a taper was used to stretch the incision up to fit the 12mm plug perfectly. The final stretch with the taper was quite a sharp pain but i had existing scar tissue. You can see from the photos how much swelling there was. A few hours after it bled quite a lot and it did worry me, settled out by the next morning. Sea Salt soaks twice a day. Bit of advice DO NOT watch videos on youtube. i found my experience to be nothing like any of them. I would get it done again so you know it isn’t that bad. Thanks to Kyle at Old Town Tattoo, Edinburgh